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FILES - Joy Fritz - The Death Certificate Industry

July 6, 2021

Joy Fritz is the Founder and CEO of Factual Reporting Advocacy Network, a newly formed nonprofit dedicated to addressing the inaccuracies in cause-of-death reporting.

She was a death certificate clerk trained, in the California Electronic Death Registration System (CA-EDRS) in 2013 while working in Los Angeles County for a high-volume mortuary. Single-handedly, she would process nearly 1,200 death certificates a year as the mortuary's only death certificate clerk.

After nearly 7 years in the funeral home industry ushering thousands of death certificates from digital creation to final registration, she became appalled to learn that the death certificate data she registered was codified for use as national mortality statistics. 

Like most everyone involved in the cause-of-death recording bureaucracy, Joy never thought twice about the impact her job had in governing the direction of science, medicine and public policy. 



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