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FILES - Kevin Jenkins - Founder, Urban Global Health Alliance “Find Your God Courage, Your Purpose, then Take Action”

May 11, 2021

Kevin Jenkins is a passionate and powerful speaker and a career champion for human rights in the black community. His theme for 2021: TAKE ACTION.

The founder of Urban Global Health Alliance, Kevin is on a mission to educate, un-indoctrinate and empower urban communities and their leaders. Kevin’s goal is to create effective public policy that safeguards rights of equality.

Kevin has also become a "Super Spreader" of truth. He is out to level the playing field by exposing the hidden agendas, lies, and corruption that divides the world today, now more than ever. His strong Christian voice resonates truth and authenticity in a way that is extremely rare today. It is my honor to know him and count Kevin among my friends.


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