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FILES - Dr.Peter Glidden, ND - Vitalistic Naturopathic Medicine vs Allopathic Disease Management

July 12, 2021

A thought leader in the field of Naturopathic medicine, and an outspoken advocate of wholistic medical therapeutics, Dr. Glidden brings 32 years of clinical work as a licensed Naturopathic doctor to bear on all of his public presentations, online information, podcasts, private consultations, and books.

There may be no other licensed naturopathic doctor in the world with his level of experience who is "speaking truth to medical power" in the public forum and on social media. The author of two books, “Everybody is sick and I know why” and also “Attempt A Cure with Wholistic Medicine", Dr. Glidden’s private consultations and online self-help-health-recovery information have helped thousands of people to recover their health - often in remarkable ways.



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